Secret of the Cores

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Secret of the Cores is a top down Space Shooter for mobile and web devices – Shoot and manoeuvre your way through the challenging perils of space. Upgrade your ship and venture further into the unknown as you explore a gripping story with twists and turns and characters that definitely aren’t all voiced by one guy!

  • Discover a gripping story with the worst voice acting of all time!
  • Mine and sell a vast array of precious minerals
  • Unlock a multitude of upgrades and conquer the abyss!
  • Google play achievements and leaderboards
  • Completely free with ads being totally optional!

You are the lone pilot for a mining conglomeration out by a distant forgotten Core. After escaping a near-death collision that left you and your ship in a worse than bad state, your only link to normality is MAC; the Miner’s Assistant Computer.
But there’s no time to worry about your possibly (probably) damaged brain, lack of memory and your inability to speak, there’s mining to be done!
However, just as you’re returning to the old flow of things, a distant signal beckons you onwards. Where will it lead, what is out there, and what in the world is going on?!
All this and more await, when you discover the Secret of the Cores!


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