A Sound Player for Unity that can be called from anywhere once placed in the scene. Especially useful for UI sounds and such, but pretty versatile beyond that as it contains settings for multiple different types of sounds (effects, dialogue, etc) and is easily expandable.

It even has some use in 3D gaming as the GetVolume aspects are still static functions. Meaning any AudioSource can modify its volume, accordingly.

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An effective mouse macro recorder – AutoHotKey

My foray into the versatile AutoHotKey. I’ve made a super simple program that allows the user to record and then play a sequence of mouse moments/actions. It can iterate any number of times and will be useful in removing the needless grind that plagues many games.
Full script below (Creative Commons 4.0).

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I recently created a new data type for Above the Stars. It was an interesting excursion into many things I’ve never used before so I thought I’d do a write-up regarding it.

The MegaInt is capable of holding very large numbers all in a single integer, as well displaying them in a readable format.
A basic description can be found below as well as the full script (Creative Commons 4.0).

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