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An effective mouse macro recorder – AutoHotKey

My foray into the versatile AutoHotKey. I’ve made a super simple program that allows the user to record and then play a sequence of mouse moments/actions. It can iterate any number of times and will be useful in removing the needless grind that plagues many games.
Full script below (Creative Commons 4.0).


The application is simple and easy to use. Simply download below and you’re ready to go! You may have to install AutoHotKey but I’m not sure that it’s necessary.
The Mouse Repeat app is the one showcased in the video that records all mouse movements, the Mouse Click Repeat only mimics clicks.

Press Ctrl-R to prepare for recording. The sequence will begin when you first click you mouse. When done recording, press Esc.
Press Ctrl-E to execute the sequence you just recorded. You’ll get a prompt for the amount of times you want it to repeat (leave it blank for infinite).
That’s it. Press Esc to cancel any active operation and then once more to exit the app. Enjoy!

I originally make this in the effort to disenchant a plethora of champion shards in League of Legends but it’s use is limitless. You could even expand it to pick up on other recordings.
I’m aware plenty of apps like already this exist but this is quite lightweight and it was a super fun project.


Unzip and run the application (the .exe file), then follow the instructions above. Or, compile the code yourself, it’s all included in the zip.

Mouse Repeat


As follows is the main script, see the tutorial above for the in-depth overview of its functionality.

Below is a more compact/more efficient code that doesn’t track mouse movement and handles the clicks using a timer instead of frame by frame


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