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Developer logs and tutorials, showcasing work done on our productions. Allowing followers to keep up with our progress over time and see see some of our techniques and ideas.

Camera and Background – I’ve started doing devlogs!

Decided to start doing devlogs for those interested in keeping up with the project

To ensure they remain at least somewhat useful, they’ll be paired with tutorials. In this case, the camera which took a over a day of messing around and figuring stuff out (I know, I’m slow) but ended in a state that I’m quite happy with.
As per usual, the full script (Creative Commons 4.0) can be found below.

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MegaInt – Custom data type for very large numbers

I recently created a new data type for Above the Stars. It was an interesting excursion into many things I’ve never used before so I thought I’d do a write-up regarding it.

The MegaInt is capable of holding very large numbers all in a single integer, as well displaying them in a readable format.
A basic description can be found below as well as the full script (Creative Commons 4.0).

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Low Poly Planets | Blender to Unity



My method of creating Low Polygon Planets and exporting them to Unity, to achieve an interesting “flat art” design that is stunning and easy to do.
It is the first dev log relating to my new game, an incremental space shooter focused around defending and upgrading a planet and its technologies. Currently thinking of calling it “Above the Stars” but that name is subject to change.

I’ll hopefully start doing more of these types of videos if people enjoy them.

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