Low Poly Planets | Blender to Unity



My method of creating Low Polygon Planets and exporting them to Unity, to achieve an interesting “flat art” design that is stunning and easy to do.
It is the first dev log relating to my new game, an incremental space shooter focused around defending and upgrading a planet and its technologies. Currently thinking of calling it “Above the Stars” but that name is subject to change.

I’ll hopefully start doing more of these types of videos if people enjoy them.





  • Create a mesh of type ico sphere with Shit+A
  • Enter edit mode with tab
  • Path around with Ctrl+Right Click
  • Add variation and make customise it until you’re happy with the result
  • Grow with Ctrl+(numpad +) until happy with the results
  • Select and deselect a face and then invert with Crtl+I
  • Add a water material, add and assign a dirt material
  • Inset with i, then add and assign a grass material
  • Add height variation by turning on Proportional Editing, selecting multiple vertices and using Alt+S
  • Grow selection as before, add and assign a peaks material
  • Create some decorative models and finish the unwrap before duplicating and placing
  • On each model press space and select Select Similar by material
  • Then unwrap with U (have an unwrap view open) and place each material to a separate segment
  • Create a simple map in an illustrator program (you only need a 4×4 image) and then line up and colour the map
  • Add specular in alpha, the brighter it is the brighter the reflection strength
  • Export the finished scene as an Obj. Be sure to turn off materials to save cost in game.
  • In Unity, import the texture and turn off filtering, compression and the “alpha to transparency” setting.
  • Assign the texture to single material the imported Obj has
  • Scale in the Obj properties and place
  • Enjoy your awesome looking low poly planet!

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